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  • Fashionable slimming effect & support all-in-one
  • Compression provides pressure to help improve circulation. Helps Relieve Tired, Swollen, Aching, Legs
  • Non-medical compression Rating comparable to 20 -30mmHg
  • Helps Improve Circulation

    Love the look of jeans, but hate the way they feel or fit? Try these denim look compression slim leggings! They have no buttons, zippers, or studs. They look just like jeans, but feel so much better! These leggings serve to be beneficial in more ways than one. They look just like jeans, have a fashionable slimming effect, and serve as support by improving circulation and relieving tired, swollen aching legs. These leggings improve your shape by compression for a smoother, slimmer appearance. Denim look compression slim leggings have a non-medical compression, rating comparable to 20 - 30mmHg. Color: Medium Wash. Large size equates to size 10 -12. Item size measurements: 37'' x 12.6'' x .79''

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