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JUMBL‚Ñ¢ Christmas Decoration Wonder Wreath Jumbo (44" X 36") Card & Photo Display Holder. for Home, Work, Schools, Party. Great Way to Go Down Memory Lane.

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  • Holds up to 50 cards/photos of family members. Can be used to keep around those who may not be around anymore, or great memories and funny Pictures.
  • Giant size, 44" x 36," Almost 4 Feet Wide. Fits in family rooms, Class Rooms, Office Spaces and more.
  • Made of rugged fiberboard. Folds compactly to store. Light Weight. Will not damage your walls.
  • Comes complete and ready to hang - no tools required. Makes for a great fun decoration.
  • Great way to show off momentous pictures from the past year(s), or if you have a collection of pictures of your kids with Santa to show off to your guests. NOTE: Product is made of cardboard

Details: This clever card holder is a wonderful way to display your Christmas cards and photos. Cards slide easily into slots to create a festive wreath with a bright red bow. Hangs anywhere. As your holiday cards arrive, slip them into the slots and watch your Christmas take shape. Comes complete and ready to hang. Made of rugged fiberboard measuring 44" x 36". Folds compactly to store, so you can use it year after year. Also great for teacher to use in the class room to motivate students & get them excited for the holidays. Our Customer sent us the following letter after Christmas last year: “My grandmother is getting old, and her favorite things in the world are family and holidays. What we did for her this year was the most beautiful thing we ever did for her. When we arrived to the Christmas party Christmas day she was very happy and didn’t stop singing. My youngest daughter asked her “grandma why are you so happy?” We then found out that there was something we didn’t know she was struggling with until then. She answered her that every year she looks forward to see all her children grandchildren but she always feels bad because she’s not sure if she forgot to buy a present for one of them being that she’s older and has a hard time remembering – so she’s always nervous before the meal. But this year we sent her the wonder Wreath before December, so she had time to see all the pictures & names and to remember to buy for every body & know that she’s not forgetting anybody.” We love receiving such letters. Please keep them coming.