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Jumbl Clear Egg Incubator, Fully Automatic Digital Poultry Hatching Machine, Temperature Control & Automatic Egg Turner, LED Candler, Mini 12-35 Egg Incubator Breeder for Chicken, Ducks, Birds & More

by Jumbl
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    • EASY, FULLY AUTOMATIC OPERATION | Grow Your Flock Stress-Free! | LED Display with Built-In “Fahrenheit” Temperature Stabilization Allows You to Program Precise Setting [70°F-103°F] & Receive High/Low Temperature Alerts for Effortless Monitoring
    • Automatic Egg Turner| Advanced Tray System Includes Movable Dividers to Ensure Eggs Remain Safely Distanced, While an Integrated Egg Turner Automatically Rotates, Simulating a Broody Hen’s Maternal Instincts | Holds Roughly 12-36 Eggs Depending on Size/Species (Eggs Are Not Included) 
    • LED EGG CANDLER FOR OBSERVATION | Unique Feature Allows You to Safely Test the Viability of Each Embryo, Visually Monitor Egg Development & Learn About the Incubation Process | Simply Hover Egg Over the LED Candling Lamp to Illuminate—Great for Teaching Kids the Wonders of Life!
    • TRANSPARENT LID & HUMIDITY CHANNELS | In Addition to Optimizing Airflow, Our Smart System Maximizes Egg Comfort & Minimizes Human Disruption | Includes Built-In Water Channels for Controlling Humidity Level & Transparent Cover So You Can Keep Constant Watch Over Your Brood
    • BABY CHICKS BORN IN 18-24 DAYS | Home Poultry Incubator Provides a Safe, Warm, Stable Environment for Hatching a Variety of Fertilized Eggs Including Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Quail, Pheasants, Turkeys, Swans, Parrots, Love Birds, Macaws & Other Domestic & Exotic Bird Species

Details: Meet the mother of all hens. Longing for a coop filled with baby chicks, fuzzy ducklings, or cute quail? With this automatic Egg Incubator from Jumbl, you can finally count your chickens before they hatch! Featuring a temperature-controlled incubation chamber, built-in LED candler, rotating tray system, and integrated humidity channels, our all-in-one hatching machine has you raising your flock faster and easier than ever. Give your fertilized eggs the best chance of survival as the system mimics every important broody hen behavior. Both curious kids and serious poultrymen can watch through the transparent lid as eggs enjoy seamless temperature regulation, ideal humidity, cozy distancing, and gentle rotation according to your precise programming. It’s time to grow your peep to the next level—add a Jumbl Egg Incubator to your cart today! Digital Heat Control Set your species’ ideal temperature and monitor current heat to the precise degree on the easy LED dashboard. An integrated fan circulates air for a consistently stable, comfortable environment. High/Low Alerts The alarm sounds any time the chamber’s interior temperature goes above or below your programmed settings. This provides an extra level of precaution in case of extreme changes in temperature. Movable Dividers Grow chicks, ducklings, baby quail—whatever fits! The tray comes with 6 movable dividers, which can be shifted to accommodate species of varying sizes. This keeps eggs safely distanced. Automatic Egg Rotation Mimic mother hen’s maternal movements! A mechanical turner rotates eggs every 2 hours to ensure even warming throughout the cycle. You can also adjust flip intervals per your species’ needs.