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  • 1280x720p (Switchable to 640x360p) High-Definition Video & Audio Recording
  • Wide-Angle Lens for 160° Field of View with Infrared Night Vision (up to 20 Feet)
  • Multiple Triggers Including Vibration, PIR & Motion/Voice Detection; Auxiliary Trigger In & Out
  • Automatic Looped DVR Recording Feature for Seamless Continuous Recording
  • Records 24 Hours per Charge (180+ Days Standby); Charges External Devices

    Keep an ever-watchful eye - 24/7. Jumbl's exciting new HD mini hidden camera enables you to keep constant tabs on your home, office, storage space, vehicle and other surroundings. Packed with cutting edge features such as looped recording, infrared night vision, in and out auxiliary ports, auto on-off modes, and more, it brings you a greater sense of security - wherever you may be. Support cards up to 128GB means you can store up to 32 hours of high-definition video and audio before overwriting anything. 720p or 360p HD Video Record crystal-clear 1280 x 720p high-definition video, or switch down to a 640 x 360p resolution to fit more hours onto your microSD card (supports up to 128GB). The frame rate is also adjustable, further maximizing memory. 160° Lens w/IR Night Vision With a super-wide 160° viewing angle, the camera picks up the entire landscape. Built-in infrared night vision sees the scene even in complete dark; activate PIR trigger recording to record only when body heat is detected within 20 feet. Auxiliary Triggering In/Out In addition to vibration, motion, sound and PIR body heat triggers, an auxiliary in port accepts external triggers such as window/door sensors and smoke detectors. An auxiliary out port activates external devices such as a GSM alarm or buzzer. The 5V output can also supply power to an external device. Auto Looped Recording The scheduled 7-day circular or "loop" recording function records without any interruption, and automatically overwrites aging recordings once your memory card is full. Getting the camera set up is just as easy, with no wiring or installation required. What's in the Box? HD Camera - 5V DC Adapter - USB 2.0 Cable - Quick Start Guide

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