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  • High-Capacity 20-Gal Watering Bag Helps You Keep Newly Planted Trees Hydrated for Easy Care
  • Efficient Slow-Release Design Regulates Water Dispersion to Avoid Over- or Under- Watering
  • Strong PVC Material Withstands Elements & Protects Young Tree; Reuse Bag for Many Seasons
  • Eco-Friendly Design Prevents Transplant Shock & Draught Stress While Saving Time & Conserving Wate
  • Simple Installation & Filling Takes Just Minutes; Enjoy Days of Stress-Free Direct-to-Root Watering

    Hydration and protection? It's in the bag! Water and shelter your freshly planted trees with ultimate efficiency with Jumbl's 20-gallon slow-release watering bag. Our heavy-duty bag ensures even, direct-to-root moisture so your young saplings grow to maturity, while defending against draught and eliminating waste from run-off or evaporation. Ideal for street, shaded, or transplanted trees, our 20 gallon model delivers deep, even saturation for up to a week of hassle-free nourishment. Each durable PVC bag is both effective and attractive, and accommodates trunks up to 4 inches in diameter. Simple setup and easy refilling make this eco-friendly product a must-have for many seasons to come. What You Get - 1 20-gallon watering bag - An efficient draught essential - Ultimate protection for your vulnerable saplings! Specs & Details - 20 gallon water capacity - Full bag lasts 5-7 days on average - 100% PVC material - Built-in heavy-duty zipper - Weighs in at 2.1 pounds - Measures 10.9" x 9.5" x 2.2" How to Enjoy - Wrap watering bag around base of tree>br> - Bring ends together and zip up from bottom - Locate hole and fill until ¼ full - Gently lift straps to expand bag - Fill to capacity and sit back for up to a week - Watch your trees grow to maturity!

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