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  • Relieves Back Pain By Reducing Pressure On Coccyx, Spine, Hipbones & Tailbone; Enhancing Your Buttocks Posture, and Relief Lower Back Pain, Numbness, Sciatica, and Pressure Sores
  • Foam Core Makes for Comfortable Cushion for Home or Office Chair, Car, Air Plane, Train Seat, Floor, bench or bleacher or Wheelchair
  • Flowing Curvature Helps Ensure Healthy Distribution of Body Weight When Sitting
  • Soft, Removable Velour Cover is Machine Washable and Enables Easy Cleaning
  • Innovative Orthopedic Design; Measures 18 x 14 x 3.3 Inches w/Velour Cover On

  • Enjoy pain relief and superior comfort.
    If you suffer from back pain, back numbness or poor posture, grab a Jumbl orthopedic foam cushion today! This innovative cushion proves that no one needs to live with back pain. As a seat cushion, it adds immediate comfort to your everyday chair, car seat, plane seat, wheelchair, and even the floor. It provides back pain relief by reducing the pressure on the tailbone when sitting, while the soft contours naturally promote even and healthy weight distribution, proper posture and spine alignment, and superior comfort.

    Innovative Cushion Design
    Our cushion’s innovative design promotes healthy weight distribution, and helps your posture and proper spine alignment. Regular use serves to relieve and treat lower back pain, back numbness, and sores caused on pressure point sites.

    Pressure-Relieving Shape
    The cushion’s rear cutout allows your back to move freely, reducing the pressure usually placed on the coccyx, tailbone and hipbones when in a seated position. Drop it onto your chair, car seat, plane seat or wheelchair for superior comfort.

    Premium Comfort Foam
    Unlike inferior foam cushions that use cheap foam blends, Jumbl’s orthopedic foam cushion is made of the highest quality comfort foam. It thus delivers optimal support over prolonged periods of use, and does not flatten out or lose body.

    Machine Washable Cover
    Included with your purchase is a custom-fitted velour cover that zips closed all around the cushion. The cover is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. With the cover on, the cushion measures 18 x 14 x 3.3 inches.

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