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Easy to use garden aerating shoes Helps grass roots One size fits all, velcro-type tough straps for a secure comfortable fitting Just strap on over normal garden shoes Increases water and nutrients penetration Heel support Wear the shoes or spikes when mowing the lawn. This will aerate your lawn regularly. Good for the roots of your lawn. It also gives your legs and calf muscles a good work out. The holes they create will allow the lawn to absorb fertilizer. Helps to tighten the lawn. Aerate your lawn as you walk. Encourages deep roots for a greener, thicker lawn. Allows rain and fertiliser to penetrate more easily. 13 spikes per shoe PA66 Super Tough Nylon British Made Nylon 6-6 is frequently used when high mechanical strength, great rigidity, and good stability under heat is required. It is used for ball bearing cages, electro-insulating elements, pipes, profiles and various machine parts. The spikes are specially designed to give maximum aeration to your lawn. Heel to toe 29.
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