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  • Built in All Weather Cover , keeps gear protected against extreme weather
  • Protective OverLap Zipper
  • No Drop Front Pocket for safe film and filter changes
  • Rubber-molded carrying handle and compression molded pressed foam shoulder strap
  • Tough, Water-resistant outer fabric

    This lightweight shoulder bag has always been highly popular for travel. The Nova AW Series is packed with serious weather protection, advanced materials, sleek new exteriors, and a comfortable shoulder strap. Versatilve Nova AW's handle many different camera systems with ease. The smallest Nova also has hi-tech materials and an All Weather Cover to keep your camera safe from nature's worst weather. Perfect for a variety of cameras or even a super-compact digital video camera, this handy traveler has an OverLap Zipper for extra weather protection, a NoDrop Pocket, inner and outer accessory pockets, belt loops, a pressed-foam shoulder strap; and padded handle.

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