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  • A comfortable 2³ width, Actual strap is 30³, total length with connectors makes the strap 40³-60³
  • Made with genuine Italian flower embossed Leather ends
  • Easily remove the strap from your camera with quick release buckles. End buckles can then connect to themselves to provide a quick hand strap.
  • Super beautiful and feminine. This SLR camera strap will make capturing those shots even more enjoyable!

    Our Stella Blue DSLR Camera Strap is so funky! Made with a super cool West Indies fabric and a beautiful teal webbing, this strap has style. We love shooting photos, but hate those ugly, black, generic camera straps. We designed a strap with the photographer in mind - it is both super stylish and super durable, the best in the world! Our SLR strap is made from 3 5/8³ straps that are held together with 5 leather tabs. Because the camera strap isn't one piece, it has a lot of movement which not only looks cool, but provides for more comfort! Webbing Connectors:3/8³ webbing, strap keeper, quick release buckle & ladder lock. This gives you the ability to adjust the length of your strap from 40³-60³. Loop Connector:Gives your strap a very clean look. Still comes with a quick release buckle, but cannot be adjusted. Using a loop connector, your strap will be a total of 40³ long - end of loop to end of loop - which is a very comfortable length.

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