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  • Ideal for wheelchairs, chairs, car seats, office chairs and more
  • Thick and soft seating comfort
  • Great for home, office and travel
  • Zippered cover for washing
  • Measures 19" x 15.5" x 4" Thick

    Our Oversized 4" Thick Gel Donut Booster Seat Cushion is seriously thick and soft for your seating comfort. One of the thickest of its kind, it's made from dense foam with a completely enclosed gel bladder. Donut shape with cutout center helps distribute weight evenly and ease pressure on the coccyx/tailbone area, hemorroids and pelvis. Zippered cover is plush fleece on one side for improved air flow, sofr velour on the other. Ideal in wheelchair, home, office, vehicle and more! Washable polyester cover. Measures 19" x 15.5" x 4" Thick.

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