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Out of stock
  • 5/8 inch-27 solid threaded upper shaft
  • Die-cast zinc clutch
  • Clip-on cable holder
  • 9 lb. base makes the stand more stable when adding a boom
  • Spring-loaded plunger and anti-rotation features

    On Stage MS7625B Hex-Base thread-less microphone stand provides features that will appeal to any vocalist or band! Spring-loaded plunger and anti-rotation features put an end to the seemingly eternal chore of screwing your microphone stand into your base. In one swift motion, just push down and turn the shaft one-quarter clockwise to lock, or push down and turn one-quarter counter-clockwise to remove. The unique shaped 9 lb. base on this stand means more room for feet placement. And, the low profile design makes for a more stable stand!

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