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  • 8 Ports with a +4dB boost per port, doubles your signal strength
  • Ultra small form factor for ease of installation in confined spaces
  • Reduces snow and prevents image pixelation with digital cable. Coaxial cables not included.
  • Compatible with all standard and digital Cable TV services
  • 5-year warranty when purchased from an Authorized Channel Master Distributor/Dealer. Warranty not valid when purchased through other outlets.

    This amplifier provides 8 ports for multiple TV sets, cable boxes, or cable modems. It boosts signal strength by more than double (+4dB), Improves Analog, Digital & HDTV Picture Quality, and Improves UHF/VHF/FM Antenna Reception! This amplifier provides the exact same OR BETTER specs as the ones that other sellers are selling for much higher prices. PCT amplifiers are designed to fit into smaller spaces, while providing the FULL performance of larger sized amplifiers.

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