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  • Fully Automatic Operation Desined For Today's On The Go Digital Photographer
  • Autofocus Assist Lamp For Accurate Focusing Even In Low Light Situations,,True TTL (Through The Lens) Operation For Seamless Flash Photography
  • Swivel/Bounce Feature + Four Step Zoom For Unlimited Lighting Options
  • Includes Fitted Case + Maximize Your Creativity With The Included Reflector Panel, Auto Sleep Mode For More Shooting Time + Less Charging Time
  • High 42m (137'!) Guide No. at 85mm Zoom/ISO-100, True 90 degree Vertical Bounce & 270 degree Swivel For Maximum Versatility, Fast 0.3 Recycling Time

    Polaroid%27s PL%2D126PZ Shoe Mount Flash for Pentax is a fully automatic%2C dedicated TTL%2Denabled flash with support for Pentax SLR cameras%2E The power%2Dzoom flash head provides coverage for lenses from 28mm to 85mm%2C with a guide number of 137%27%2F42 m at the 85mm position%2E It has a vertical bounce of 90%B0 and a horizontal swivel of 270%B0%2E An auto sleep mode means less charging time%2C more shooting time%2E This is a great all%2Dpurpose%2C economical flash for anyone using digital or 35mm Pentax SLRs%2E A diffuser and reflective panels are included%2E

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