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  • Waterproof, Corrosion-Proof, Dust-Proof, Scratch Proof, Fingerprint-Proof
  • UV Treated So It Blocks UV Rays While Allowing 95% Visible Light Transmission So The Images You See Are Not Affected.
  • It Is Easily Mounted To Your Camera's LCD Screen With An Adhesive Backing
  • Make A Small Investment In Your Gear And Shoot Worry-Free.

    The Polaroid LCD Glass protective cover is only 1/22 of an inch thick. Yet, it provides maximum protection for the LCD viewing screen on point & shoot cameras. SLR's & camcorders, etc. It protects viewing screen from dust, water, scratches and physical damage. It can be removed and easily reapplied. The screen mounts quickly and easily to your camera's LCD screen via its adhesive backing. Once it is properly aligned it is smoothed down with a clean cloth and you are ready to go. Note! Environments with excessive heat and/or humidity will shorten the useful life of the adhesive.

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