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  • Compact Footprint And Durable Rubberized Exterior Makes It Ideal For Use At Home, In The Studio Or On Location
  • Easy Plug & Play <> Works With All Memory Stick Formats
  • USB 2.0 For Blazingly Fast Data Transfers. Perfect For The Pro-On-The-Go
  • Frees Up Your Camera And Prolongs Battery Life
  • Compatibility - Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.4.6 or greater

    Thanks to their ability to transfer images from virtually all popular digital media cards to your computer without tying up your camera-or wasting its batteries, few accessories are as immediately indispensable as Polaroid card reader/writers. No matter if you choose any multi SD, Memory Stick or groundbreaking 72 in 1 reader/writer - you'll enjoy being able to seamlessly transfer even the largest files with plug and play simplicity and blazing USB 2.0 speed. And, thanks to their "write" function, all it takes is a memory card to turn your Polaroid card reader/writer into a handy "backup" drive to save important files and even edit SIM card data! Combine that with a tough rubberized coating that protects your reader while on the go-and prevents it from marring or scuffing other items in your camera or gadget bag, and you can see why with Polaroid Reader/Writers performance and peace of mind are always in the cards. Features

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