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  • Small Size
  • Dust & Smudge Removing Micro Fiber Cloth
  • Self Locking Attachment Clip
  • Snap Closure Storage Pouch
  • Polaroids MicroFiber Lens Cloth is extremely soft; so soft that it will not scratch the surfaces it cleans. And due to its fine fiber construction the cloth does not leave behind dust or lint. It also absorbs oils ( the cause of smudges). These characteristics make it the perfect choice for lens cleaning.The pouch has two snap closures. One closes the pouch the other retains the cloth. The cloth is removable allowing it to be added to your laundry. Laundering the cloth will remove collected dust and oils restoring it to like new condition. You can attach the pouch to your cameras neck strap, gadget bag, etc. using the convenient self closing clip.

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