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  • Uses RF Frequencies For True 300' Range And No Line Of Sight Limitations
  • Enables Off-Camera Mounting Of Flash Without The Annoying Sync Cords Or Wires And Without Losing Any On-Camera Functionality
  • 4 DIP Switches For Setting Pairing Codes And Eliminating Misfiring
  • True Hot Shoe Sync Allows For Full Off Camera Control Of Flash Unit Without Loss Of TTL Functions So Its Ideal For lIght Stands, Flash Brackets ETC.
  • Features Multi Flash Mode For Controlling Up To 16 Flash Units Simultaneously From A Single Transmitter (Additional Recivers Needed)

    Polaroid Tri-Mode Wireless Camera & Flash Remote1- Wireless Flash Remote With Full TTL Functionability2- Wireless Shutter Release With Both Full And ½ Press Shutter Functions (auto focus, sleep mode, metering, burst mode etc)3- Wireless Studio Strobe Trigger Controls Both Slave & Primary Lighting

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