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  • Camera Support With Multiple Setup Configurations
  • Adjustable Shoulder Support Tube
  • Mounting For Video Lights, Flash And/Or LCD Viewing Screens
  • Comfortable Foam Covered Grips
  • Designed To Accept DSLRs With Rear Mounted Viewing Screen, Prosumer Video Camcorders and Compact Video Cameras

    The Polaroid shoulder mount camera support offers a host of camera-mounting configurations which will provide the photographer with immediate camera stabilization, the results of which will be smoother-looking video scenes, less camcorder shaking and still photos with less blur. It features a solid camera mounting platform and comfortable foam grips which allows the photographer to control the camera with either one or two hands as the situation requires. Its telescoping feature brings a cameras viewfinder right up to your eye or moves the camera away to monitor its rear facing viewing screen Along with the camera, mounting hardware is provided on all four grips for accessories such as a video light or two, microphones, flash units or externally wired view screens. Stability for your camera: the Polaroid shoulder mount camera support.

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