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  • Well Engineered, Durable Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Rugged Clamping Mechanism With Multiple Rubber Grips
  • Built In Clamp attaches To Tables, Counters, Pipes and More
  • A Highly Adjustable Camera Support
  • Swivel Head Provides a Host Of Aiming Options

    This little gem is more than just a table top support for your camera. It can be securely clamped to horizontal and vertical surfaces, giving you endless possibilities to support a camera. And once its clamped in place, you fine tune the cameras position with a versatile swivel head featuring 180 degrees of movement from front to rear and 20 degrees from side to side. In addition, the swivel head itself can rotate 360 degrees It is relatively small when in use and folds to an even smaller, more compact size for storing. You will find it to be convenient addition to your photo equipment

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