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Polaroid Custom Designed Vintage-Inspired Genuine Leather Case for Polaroid Socialmatic - Removable Shoulder Strap Included - Black

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  • Polaroid Design Offers Custom Fit for Socialmatic Instant Print Digital Camera
  • Supple Genuine Leather Features Durable Construction for Reliable Protection
  • Form-Fitting Design Protects Socialmatic from Dust, Falls, Bumps & Scratches
  • Vintage-Inspired Details Include Aged Brass Hardware & Notch-Belt Strap Style
  • Included Removable Shoulder Strap Makes for Comfortable Camera Slinging

Details: A Picture-Perfect Case for Your Socialmatic As the proud owner of our Polaroid Socialmatic instant print digital camera, you clearly have a taste for the finer, funner things in life. That’s why we are happy to introduce to you our newest lineup of exquisitely crafted Socialmatic accessories. This beautiful case is precision-cut from soft yet durable genuine leather, and boasts an original Polaroid design. Slip your Socialmatic into this exclusive accessory, and you’ll appreciate the perfect fit, dependable protection, fine detail, and camera-ready looks. Boasts Vintage Cues and Timeless Quality Key to the Socialmatic concept and appeal is the marriage between schools both old and new. The camera pays homage to the early Polaroid instant print cameras, while introducing a number of up-to-the-minute digital age technologies. Our designers aimed to carry that magic over to this attractive case’s design. Its vintage influences include aged brass hardware, spring-loaded swivel trigger snap hooks, a matching belt-notch leather shoulder strap, and more. As for the build quality? It’s all timeless craftsmanship. Comfortable to sling. Never worse for wear. The included shoulder strap is easily removable by hand. This enables your choice of either carrying your Socialmatic in the case all clutch-like, or to make use of the strap and sling it over your shoulder. Either way, you’ll be stylin’ and protecting your precious camera at the same time. The strap is made of the same luxurious genuine leather as the rest of the case, and becomes increasingly supple and comfortable with wear. To clean the strap and case, use a microfiber cloth for dusting and saddle soap for conditioning.