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  • Smudge-Proof, Water- & Tear-Resistant; Reproduces Millions of Vivid, Hi-Res Colors
  • Earth Friendly; No Cartridges & No Extra Packaging to Discard for Reduced Waste
  • Peel-Off & Sticky-Backed; Prints Dry to Touch & with Protective Polymer Overcoat
  • Long-Lasting Image; Fade-Resistant Even with Exposure to Light, Heat & Humidity
  • Latest Version; Reinvented M230 Premium Formulation Ensures Peak Performance
  • Experience the revolutionary new ZINK photo technology with Polaroid's M230 Premium ZINK Photo Paper. As the name suggests, ZINK (Zero Ink) paper uses no ink. Its advanced composite material features embedded dye crystals, topped by a no-fade protective polymer overcoat. When heat is applied to the paper, brilliant full-color images appear like magic. Enjoy in-the-moment entertainment and fun anywhere, anytime, with Polaroid Zink photo paper - designed for printing small-format full-color photo stickers. Product Features: š Improved quality, borderless, 2x3"" color prints š Brighter, sharper images š Improved color balance š Peel-off, sticky-backed photo paper š Prints dry-to-touch š Smudge-proof, water-resistant, tear-resistant photos š Prints using ZINK¨ Zero Ink¨ Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging The ZINK¨ Technology and ZINK¨ trademarks are owned by ZINK Imaging, Inc. Used under license

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