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Stay powered up

With a built-in handle and lightweight design, the Portable Inverter Generator 2250 with USB and DC Charging from Hike Crew makes a travel-friendly companion for people on the go. It serves you quietly with reliable portable power.

Inverter technology delivers consistent speed with only 57dBA of operational volume, ideal for sound sensitive zones such as campsites and neighborhoods. This gasoline powered inverter generator provides you with up to 10 hours of run time on a 1.1 gallon tank with optional energy-saving mode. Charge and power your smartphone, laptop, speaker, screwdriver, and other electronics with dependable electricity anywhere. Sophisticated design allows for easier and cleaner oil changes.

Known for their fuel efficiency, dependable power output and easy oil maintenance, inverter generators are the top choice for everyone.

Travel ready – Great companion to take on the go for reliable power

Easy to carry – Lightweight and compact design with a built-in handle

Multipurpose – Charge up your smartphone, laptop and more with USB, AC, and DC outlets

Long lasting – Get the dependable power you need for up to 10 hours

Energy efficient – Preserve power by activating energy-saving mode