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  • Quickly, Effectively & Safely Trains Indoor Pets to Refrain from Designated Areas
  • Outputs Harmless Static Pulse & Audible Alert When Pet Steps On/Touches Mat
  • Features 3 Training Levels (Low/Mid/High); Suitable for Cats & Dogs of All Sizes
  • 9-Volt Battery (Not Included) Powers Mat up to 6 Months or 10,000 Activations
  • Measures 48 Inches by 20 Inches; Includes 2-Year Limited Warranty Coverage

    Lay down some ground rules.As much as you love your pets, you still want to designate certain areas as off limits. Sometimes you do it for their own safety - such as with a power tool-stocked garage - while other applications help ensure your privacy and comfort (say, the bedroom, kitchen, or gym room). The Stay Away Mat from Jumbl is a welcome innovation for precisely such requirements: It is designed to rapidly yet safely train your cats or dogs to stay out of designated rooms or areas, enabling you to lay down the law in your home.A little zap, and they'll zip it.Cat jumping onto the countertops while you're cooking? Dog sampling the dinner while your back is turned? Place the Stay Away Mat at the entryway to the room, and watch how quickly your pets learn to leave the area alone. The mat is constructed with tiny wires running across it. When your pets touch the mat or step onto it, they complete an electrical circuit that sets off a tiny static-like pulse along with an audible alert. The pulse is completely harmless yet noticeable enough to teach pets about your set boundaries. Choose your power source.Unlike other mats, Jumbl's Stay Away Mat offers flexible power options. Connect your standard 9-volt wall adapter to the mat's attached power pack, or pop in a single 9V battery (both sold separately). While on battery power, the mat runs up to 6 months or 10,000 3-second activations. Additionally, you can set the pulse level to low, mid or high to effectively train cats and dogs of any size. And to ensure your pet's wellbeing, the mat is designed to remain functional and safe even if it gets wet from water or pets' fluids.

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