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This diffuser changes a regular speedlight into a soft beauty dish, similar to a regular studio beauty dish combined with a sock diffuser. RoundFlashƒšžš Dish is a perfect tool for headshots, portrait and still photography. Its compact construction with the mirror system inside allows you to lighten objects with directional, round, smooth flash light. The light from a powerful hot-shoe flash gun reflects in the mirror system inside and becomes a very even ring of light.

It takes a few seconds to set-up and attach the RoundFlashƒšžš Dish on the flash. It is attached directly to the flash with a built in adjustable velcro. Without any additional stuff needed. No extra straps, brackets, screws etc. Just the RoundFlashƒšžš Dish and your speedlight. Its ultra-lightweight construction (less then 6xAA accus!!!) and soft mount eliminate any risk of damaging or scratching the flash unit. A flash built-in wide panel helps to distribute the light evenly. You can still gel your flash.

  • Light shaper for shoemount flashes, combining the characteristics of a softbox and a beauty dish
  • Beauty dish-like design for a soft and even illumination as well as circular reflexions
  • For shoemount flashes with a girth between 21.5cm and 26cm - easy to set up and to attach
  • Perfect for beauty, portrait and product photography
  • Diameter: 45cm, Depth: 22cm Pack size: 20 x 26cm, Weight: 155g (incl. storage pouch 181g), Easily fits in a backpack
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