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  • Easy To Do! So Start Creating!
  • Great for any special occasion!
  • Perfect activity for sleepovers!
  • Instruction guide included!
  • The perfect gift! (Note: Colors may vary)

    Easy to do! Design and Create your own nail look with these patented nail art pens! Perfect when wearing summer sandals. A unique pen/brush allows you to brush on the base color and then create amazing works of art with the revolutionary pen tip. Each color has its own nail brush to brush on the base color as well as the unique pen that allows you to create designs over a base coat of nail color or just a clear base coat. Each cap is a 2 way cap; twist off the complete black cap to use the nail brush to brush on a base coat or just pull off the top half of the black cap to use the pen to create your nail design. When creating designs with the nail art pen, the pens work best if you gently squeeze the plastic bottle instead of pressing the actual pen tip on the nail. Decorate your hand and toe nails with a design you create or use one of our sample designs that vary from very simple to very intricate in the instruction guide. Each nail color 0.16Fl.oz. (4.8 ml). Using these Nail Art pens, you will be able to create exciting designs that express your individual style and personal character. Beautifully Traditional Bold 4 pens - 8 bold colors. Black, Orange, Fire Red, Green, White, Yellow, Hot Pink and Royal Blue.

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