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New and Improved! Firefly Landscape Laser Light - RedThe BlissLights Spright is a truly unique fixture that transforms your rooms or outdoor spaces with a patented Starfield of Light. Simply aim your fixture, and watch it bring glowing fireflies to life. BlissLights combines holographic and laser technology to bring you a truly amazing lighting experience. Each unit provides up to 2500 sqft of coverage and sets up within minutes. With an average electrical usage of just 3 watts in temperatures above 55F, and 8 watts in temperatures below 55F, the BlissLights Spright is more energy efficient than common LED lighting.Blisslights Spright dimensions are 114mm x 125mm x 338mm, made of powder-coated die-cast aluminum. The head of the Spright is 114.44mm x 95.44mm x 125.40mm. Includes IR Remote - On/off control, 6/18 timer, intensity control, flash, blink, fade, and twinkle.

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