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Make a splash

Make playtime an adventure with this watery wonder from Sunny & Fun. Easily set up in minutes with the included air pump, this inflatable water park features a climbing wall on one side leading to an exciting descent via three exciting slides. Triple the fun with triple the slides!

The fast-inflating instant playground includes a central climbing wall with durable fabric handles and foot holds, as well as three fun water slides leading down either side into a splashdown pool. Kids will love the large integrated water gun, letting them soak their friends as they climb up or take their turns coming down the slides (or their parents watching from the sidelines—watch out!). They'll pass through a shower from the water sprayers above the slides, which also serves to keep it cool and moist during play. The built-in basketball hoop is perfect for spontaneous pool pickup games.

Fun that’s built to last

While the little ones will enjoy hours of amusement from these features, parents will love the fact that this water park inflates in minutes via the air pump we’ve included for your convenience. The material with which the slide is constructed resists punctures, and in the rare case where a leak might occur, we’ve included a repair kit, so you can get the waterworks underway without delay. The whole kit also features a convenient carrying case, so you can take this portable playground wherever you need.

  • Easy setup, Every feature is integrated into this all-in-one water slide and pool for fast, simple setup¬†
  • Powerful air pump, The included air pump inflates the waterpark quickly and easily keeps it at the perfect air pressure¬†
  • Puncture-resistant construction, This waterpark is made from durable materials to be able to withstand whatever you throw at it
  • Built-in water sprayer and water gun, Add to the fun by using the included water sprayer and water gun
  • Safe splashdown pool, Enjoy soft, easy landings with the extra-wide splashdown pool