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Stack up the fun

The Sunny & Fun Toppling Tower is a classic stacking party game that challenges players to remove blocks one by one and balance them on top without tipping over the structure.

The 60-piece set is interactive and customizable up to 4 feet high. The oversized blocks are durable and cut from solid, high quality weather-proof wood for many years of dependable play. Smooth finish and sanded edges ensure safety for little ones when the tower topples. Children balance and hone their fine motor skills while adults enjoy a fun social activity. 

Set includes a convenient canvas carrying case for storage. Great activity for everyone to enjoy at any outdoor event. 

  • Tons of stackable pieces - 60 game pieces give you tons of stacking ability
  • Stacks up to 4 feet, This colossal tower makes every move more intense and more fun
  • Convenient carrying case, Take the fun anywhere you want and never lose a stacking block
  • Perfect Party Fun ‚Äì This is the perfect game to spice up your carnivals, parties, BBQs, and more
  • Beveled edges ‚Äì Rounded corners make this game safer for your whole family