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  • Each Kit makes 10 light-up paper flower pins
    • Perfect for stem / steam education, girl scouts, libraries and more
    • You design the flower - every flower pin is unique - there are thousands of possible combinations
    • Intended for persons 8 years of age and up
    • Great for kids birthday parties and adult gatherings as well

      TechnoChic DIY light-up paper flower kits are a quick and fun craft project to get your creative juices flowing! Mix and match the 42 flower petals to create thousands of design combinations. Step-by-step instructions show you how to connect the battery and LED to make them light up, then you can embellish your clothes, gift wrap, or party decorations with high-tech style!

      Kit Contents:
      – 42 Pre cut paper flowers
      – 10 LED's
      – 10 Batteries
      – 10 Brooch Pins & Instructions

      Ideal Gift for Almost Any Occasion: 
      - Schools 
      - Birthday parties 
      Bacholrette parties
      - Holiday gifts 
      - Team activity 
      - Small groups of children at parties 
      - Family vacations

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