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Throw in the towel, turn out the luxury. Chilly air making it tough to dry off. With this bucket style Towel Warmer from LIVEFINE, anything cotton turns into a comforting embrace. The spa-quality gadget fits up to two towels at a time, ensuring everyone has a perfectly warm towel ready to wrap themselves with. The spacious interior also fits other fabric essentials, including hand and face towels, small robes, hair wraps, neck towels and more. A sleek LCD display features helpful indicator lights and easy touch-button operation. Select your ideal timer, soak in the tub, then prepare for post-bath bliss. The compartment keeps your towel pleasantly warm for up to 20 minutes after the cycle ends. So skip the goosebumps-get a Towel Warmer.
  • Personal warmer heats, small sheets, robes, blankets and other fabric items for ultimate comfort & relaxation
  • Unit‚Äôs sleek LCD display lets you set a program with a single button [choose 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes] unit keeps at optimal temperature for duration of cycle
  • Accommodates up to [2] oversized 40 in. x 70 in. load dry, ‚ÄòLoosely‚Äô folded into the warmer for best results, no more cold spots
  • Operation is a breeze thanks to the unit‚Äôs easy-open cover and built-in grip handle also includes safety indicator lights and stabilizing feet to keep unit firmly planted on tile, porcelain, ceramic and other floors