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  • FOR VITAMINS, SUPPLEMENTS, AND MEDICATION: This divided container for pills is perfect for holding your daily vitamins, supplements, and prescribed medications. No matter what your daily regimen — whether it be fiber supplements, fish oil capsules, vitamin C pills, or anxiety medicine — this pill case can hold it all and keep everything organized.
  • COLORFUL TO ELIMINATE CONFUSION: Whether you have a hard time remembering to take your heart medication, or need to take a daily zinc supplement to regulate your digestive system, this medicine regimen kit is here to help you stay healthy. This divided pill case is great to help you keep your pills separated but in one place.
  • 6-COMPARTMENT PILL ORGANIZER: Our pill dividers have been designed to hold 6 different types of daily supplements or medications. We designed this medicine holder with separate sections for nighttime pills or daytime pills, so you won't forget to take everything at the correct time of day. Add a label to keep track of which pill is which.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVELING: Whether you travel abroad often or you need to take your daily pills with you wherever you go, this pill case is perfect. It is not bulky, making it easy to stick in your purse, bathroom bag, or backpack. It measures 4” tall and 4” in diameter. This case is excellent for the elderly, who often need to take many daily vitamins and medications
  • NEVER MIX UP MEDS AGAIN: This pill organizer is the perfect way to avoid forgetting to take your meds. This pill box is an excellent reminder. Keep it on your nightstand or on the counter in your bathroom so you will be sure to see it every morning and every night. This way, you will always remember to take the proper medication.

Details: This 6-compartment pill organizer helps you keep your daily pills and vitamins separated from each other. This pill box is great for helping you remember to take your pills and vitamins at the right time. This way, you can develop a routine and will never forget to take your medications. Keep this organizer by your bedside or in a visible location in the bathroom so you will always see it in the morning and in the evening. Our daily diets often don't provide us with the essential nutrients and important vitamins that our bodies need to thrive, which is why it is important to take daily vitamin supplements. This makes our pill divider an even more important tool. No matter what your medical needs, this pill case will provide enough space for all the medications and vitamins your body requires. The Trenton Gifts pill bottle measures 4” tall and 4” in diameter. This conveniently-sized case is perfect for traveling because it will easily fit in a bag or purse. For trips, you won’t have to worry about bringing all your large containers of pills and vitamins along. You can store up to 6 different kinds of pills in each of the 6 compartments. Plus, the lid is easier to use than the lids on typical pill bottles. Save yourself effort with this pill case. Each slot in this vitamin organizer allows you to keep each kind of pill separated. If you and your spouse each need to take different combinations of meds and vitamins, it is easy to get confused. Now you'll never mix up your pills again! Get organized with this divided pill case.