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Details: Smart three-pronged standing root puller ABS & Aluminum construction Claw design to pull out any weed while standing Spring presser to dispose of the removed plant Easy-grip handle for extended use Available in green color only Aluminum & ABS construction: It is the perfect balance of weight and strength. The rod is made of rust-free aluminum while the handle is made of soft plastic. Stainless steel claws: Metallic design of the claws grips the weeds easily and pulls them completely. Backache-free weed removal: No more back and knee pains from weeding while sitting now. The long handle allows you to do the weeding while standing. Spring presser for easy disposal: Position this uproot root puller directly over the weed and thrust the claws into the ground using the plastic footrest. Rotate the tool to root out the weed and press the spring button to dispose of the plant. Easy-to-store: Can be placed in the garden shed without taking a lot of space. Full grip on the tool: ABS handle exhibits curves on the lower side so that the fingers can be positioned comfortably on it. This ensures a good grip throughout the weeding process. Handles all weeds: The root remover is designed to handle all types of dandelions, knotweed, finger grasses, and common nettle. Dimensions: 100 x 22cm (L x W) Color: Green