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  • OFFICE ORGANIZATION SUPPLIES: Looking for a place to store files, documents, books, letters, magazines, or other items in the office or at home? This Trenton Gifts storage organizer is the perfect solution for neatly filing these away. Store your materials inside and place the bag in your closet, attic, cabinet, garage, or another area of your home or office.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This tote bag features breathable white fabric with reinforced seams to ensure that your materials won’t poke through. We’ve added clear plastic panels to help you see exactly what’s inside and avoid rummaging through endless boxes. Each bag has a zipper opening for easy access to your supplies, and we’ve also added a durable handle to take them on the go.
  • STORES FLAT: Unlike storage containers or cardboard boxes, these storage bags fold flat when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about taking up extra space. Additionally, the bag compresses if it’s not full, so it only takes up as much space as the items inside the bag. Forget excess bulk or weight with these reusable totes!
  • LARGE PORTABLE STORAGE: Measuring 11 1/4" L x 9 1/4" W x 7" H, each bag in this set of 3 is large enough to hold a variety of items, including comic collections, old notebooks, valuable folders, meaningful journals, vintage periodicals, etc. The protective case can help you keep your collectibles and memorabilia safe and out of the way.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: If you don’t need to store books or magazines, you can also use this storage pouch to help you stay organized on vacation, school field trips, or business trips. Trenton Gifts zippered bag can store clothing, blankets, personal care items, or other things you might need on your trip.

Details: Finding useful storage organizers can be tricky. Some containers are large and bulky, others are too small and narrow. At Trenton Gifts, we’ve tried to create a happy medium when it comes to storage. Our durable storage bag is the perfect size for storing comics, newspapers, magazines, books, files, or other items in your office or around your house. Measuring 11 1/4" L x 9 1/4" W x 7" H, our bags can help you get the clutter out of your space. The bags are made from durable white fabric with reinforced seams to ensure that pointy corners on books or papers don’t poke through. We have added durable straps to help you easily transport the storage bags even when completely full. Plus, we added a clear plastic panel so you can see exactly what you’re looking for at a glance. No more rummaging through boxes to find the document you need. The benefit of our fabric bag is that it folds flat when not in use. Traditional plastic containers or cardboard boxes can store your items too, but they aren’t always easy to store themselves. Additionally, they don’t adapt to what you’re storing inside. These bags reduce to the shape of the items inside, so you don’t have to deal with extra bulk. We love these bags because they are extremely versatile. Use them when you travel to store your clothes, blankets, or other items neatly inside a suitcase or backpack. You’ll love how these can keep you organized, no matter where you go. This order comes with 3 identical storage bags. Keep all 3 as a complete set, or gift one to friends or family members who might need an organizational boost.