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  • Produces white light and red light. Each light head operates independently. 4 Light Levels: High, Medium, Low, Red
  • Steel alloy arms are flexible and strong - they point and hold the lights in any direction. Arms are covered with soft foam.
  • Keep your hands comfortably free while you read, do crafts, projects and tasks.
  • Use red light for preserving your night vision. Wonderful for conducting non stimulating nighttime care.
  • Rubber activity band included. Band holds the product secure around the neck during activities. Runs on 2 AAA batteries (sold separately)

    Wear it. Wrap it. Pose it. Point the light exactly where you want - however you want - and keep your hands totally free! Regular old stick-in-the-mud flashlights and booklights - move over! The new kid on the block has 2 super-flexible, foam covered wire arms with 2 high-intensity LEDs on each end. Now, you can light up your view in "stereo"! Excellent work area illumination is further accomplished by the wide-angle, soft pattern LEDs . Fine-tune your light level by firing 1, 2, 3, or all 4 of the LEDs - easily producing a high, medium or low light level. One red LED is also included on each arm. Red light is a super non-harsh way to illumate that perserves your night vision - keeping your eyes more adjusted to the dark. Red light is extremely useful as a nonstimulating way to provide care to people and pets. Extremely useful for home, auto, office, travel and camping. A much more comfortable hands-free solution than a head lamp. Two AAA batteries provide 40 long hours of illumination.

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