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  • MONEY SAVING: Conserves electricity since does not draw any power when switched off.
  • LIGHT INDICATOR: Switch lights red when on which is a helpful visual indicator from across the room or when used in dark places. CONVENIENT: Perfect for devices and peripherals without built-in on/off switch. Also great for switching hard-to-reach lights or appliances that do not have a switch
  • CERTIFIED: UL Listed. RATING: 15A, 120VAC, 60Hz, 1800W Unit works with any standard AC outlet
  • PRACTICAL: Find many uses for these little gadgets including but not limited to: Popcorn poppers, lamps, fans, chargers, appliances, electronics etc
  • ORDER NOW TO START SAVING MONEY: Conserves electricity since does not draw any power when switched off

Details: Are you tired of overpriced electric bills? Most household electronics consume power even when turned off. This includes TV, laptop, tablet, phone chargers, speakers, appliances, etc. Easy to use! This triple plug power adaptor makes it easy to turn on/off power when not in use without unplugging and eliminating wasted energy. ZapMan Power Plug fits any standard power outlet, surge protector or power strip with side-mounted outlets and multi-gang power wall outlets without covering light switches or opposing plugs. Perfect for lights or fans without built-in power switches such as A/V extenders, smartphone/tablet chargers, appliances, home theatre, etc. UL Listed, Includes 1 piece per order. Order NOW and start saving!