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vation Emergency Power Failure Automatic Blackout Light, Handheld Flashlight & Sensor Nightlight - Rechargeable Battery & Wireless Induction Charging

by Ivation
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  • Removable Handheld LED Torch Turns On Automatically When Power is Suddenly Cut
  • Induction Ring Charging Adapter Charges Flashlight & Powers Nightlight in Base
  • also Includes a Nightlight that is Activated by Darkness (Auto-On/Off); Can be Switched Off Manually
  • Included Induction Ring Charging Adapter is Safe to the Touch, Even to Children
  • Ambient Night-Light Sensor Delivers Convenience & Saves 1,000s of Wasted Light Hours

Details: It’s lights on whenever it’s lights out. Battle the darkest nights and weather the toughest storms. Ivation's 'Swiss army knife' of nightlights comes in a small but powerful package. In its simple form, this EmergenSee LED light and nightlight combo serves as an everyday plug-in LED nightlight. In that capacity, it offers smart features such as auto-on/off at dawn and dusk, respectively, and a manual switch for shutting the nightlight at will. Its 3 LEDs shine on past 100,000 hours, never need replacement, and remain cool to the touch even when on for hours. Power outage? Whip out the torch. When it comes to emergencies, the torch delivers. The Powerful single-LED power-failure flashlight rests in the nightlight base, and automatically turns on whenever power is suddenly cut. This enables you to locate it easily without tripping over your cat or fumbling in the dark like a bat. It can even be removed from the base and used as a handheld flashlight whenever needed. It is lightweight and incredibly bright, and runs approximately 1.5 bright hours per charge. You can even set the flashlight to any of the 3 brightness settings you prefer. Base features induction charging. To ensure that the torch flashlight is actually charged when you need it most, the Ivation EmergenSee’s nightlight base features an induction charging surface on the inside of its ring. As the torch rests in the induction ring 24/7, it continuously charges from the base and thus always contains a full charge. The induction charging mechanism is designed to remain safe to the touch at all times, which makes the Ivation EmergenSee a safe, worry-free choice for households with younger children. Simply plug in and peace out.