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  • 2 in 1 vacuum and mopping with the Infrared remote
  • 15 sensor monitor, camera Recognition vision mapping and navigation system minimize collision
  • Extremely quiet and powerful. 58DB noise level
  • V-type Main brush shawl is designed in a way that the Main brush doesn't get Tangled with hair or debris and increases the pick-up performance
  • Advanced navigation: system detects ambient environment 200 times per second and does a rigorous 10,800 times per second movement analysis for superior cleaning

    The robotic vacuum cleaner for various environments and surfaces. The eX500 robotic vacuum cleaner from yujin Robot is equipped to get any job done. The eX500 vacuum cleaner is a revolutionary introduction to the growing field of mechanical engineering by using the integration of superior technology which considers the environment by not omitting carbons and economically priced for any household.

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