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  • 5.5 inch CHEF, 4 inch PAIR, 6 inch CHEF, Knife block
  • Ceramic Blades made with surgical precision
  • Knives impervious to food acids, stain and are rust proof
  • Stay sharper longer: Harder than steel, and will hold edge longer than a steel blade
  • Lightweight, easy and comfortable to use for precision slicing

    These Ceramic Knives made in Zhuhai Province China are of Premium Quality will stay sharp and long lasting, a Holiday Bargain at this price! Their chemical inertness to both acids and alkalis and their ability to retain a cutting edge far longer than forged metal knives makes them a very good culinary tool for slicing and cutting through boneless meat, vegetables and fruits. Blades are made from zirconium oxide, a state-of-the-art ceramic material that holds a razor-sharp edge ten times longer than steel. Designed to slice, mince and dice fresh produce and boneless meats with unrivaled ease and precision. Nonreactive blade won't discolor foods or affect flavors. Resin handle is contoured for a comfortable grip. Set Includes 4" Paring Knife, 5 1/2" Chef's Knife, 6" Chef's Knife and Block

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