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  • Answer the door wherever you are - see and speak to visitors directly from your smartphone
  • Easy setup - use existing wiring and connect to WiFi using the free Zmodo app. Use Beam to easily set up Greet. With Beam Connect, setup is as simple as telling the app how many devices are powered on and ready to pair." If you have any embedded spaces in your home network YOU MUST RENAME network name and password with out any spaces.
  • Smart motion detection - receive an alert and a recorded video clip whenever motion is detected.
  • Personalized voice message - a recorded message will play when you can't answer the door
  • On demand access - access 720p HD live video at any time from your smartphone or the web, with built-in night vision
  • OverviewWith Zmodo Beam WiFi Extender, Zmodo Greet can perform flawlessly. With this WiFi video doorbell system you can see who is at the door before opening the door.Once set up with the doorbell on your house you can expect to be able to greet your visitor right away by voice or you can set up a message for people to hear.Zmodo BeamBeam is an all-in-one combination WiFi range extender and smart home hub. It plugs into your wall socket and is set up easily through the Zmodo mobile app. Beam extends WiFi range up to 200m (656ft) and 300Mbps so that your whole home can be covered.Beam also acts as a smart home hub and can connect Zmodo accessories, such as door and window sensors, which alert you on your phone whenever a sensor is triggered.Zmodo GreetSee, hear, and speak to your visitors on your smartphone, whether you're at home or on the go. The "On-Demand" feature lets you access live video and see who's at your door at any time. With HD video, smart motion detection, and real-time alerts, it's like you're at home, even when you're not. Greet is easy to mount and install, and includes a security screw to deter theft. In the rare case that your Greet is stolen, our anti-theft policy will replace it for free. System RequirementGreet requires the Zmodo app for setup and a password-protected 2.4GHz WiFi network with WPA/WPA2 encryption. Greet can be connected to low voltage transformers operating between 16VAC and 36VAC. If your transformer voltage is lower than 16VAC, you will need a noise corrector to minimize noise from mechanical doorbell chime. Make sure the Greet will be connected to a mechanical doorbell. Otherwise, you MUST use a 20 ohm/10 watt resistor (Not included) between the smart doorbell and one wire from the power source. Package Includes(1)Zmodo Greet WiFi Video Doorbell(1)Zmodo Beam WiFi Extender and Smart Hub(1)Quick Guide

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