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Celebrate Dad: Top Picks for Father’s Day Gifts

Celebrate Dad: Top Picks for Father’s Day Gifts

Find the perfect gift for every dad, grandpa, uncle, and other father figure in your life with these helpful Father’s Day gift ideas.

Fathers can be notoriously hard to shop for. They don’t tend to curate wish lists and, chances are, when you ask them, they say they don’t want anything or claim to have everything they need.

But Dad deserves something great for everything he’s done for you – whether it’s helping with your car or keeping you on the family phone plan. So, with June 16 fast approaching, it’s time to start searching for the best Father’s Day gifts for your old man.

That’s where we come in. Here, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for the father figures in your life, with something for everyone. Let’s get started!

Beer Kegerator

If your old man loves his beer, he’ll love this Full Size Kegerator by Ivation.

This sleek, stylish cooler is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who appreciate pub-fresh beer. It holds up to two 1/6-barrel kegs at once, cooling them to a perfect low-30s to mid-40s (°F) temperature.

The refrigeration cabinet stores and cools beer as you serve it while the removable shelves allow it to easily convert to a beverage cooler when Dad wants to switch things up.

Now, he can enjoy brewery-fresh beer without ever leaving the house.

Can Refrigerator

If Dad’s more of a coke guy, go for the 126-can Mini Drink Fridge by Ivation.

This compact stainless-steel fridge easily holds up to 126 cans of Dad’s favorite sodas, chilling them to the perfect temperature for his enjoyment.

The fridge comes with a built-in light and glass door, so he can always keep an eye on his drink collection. Plus, it ships in under 2 days with Prime, making it the perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift.

Cigar Humidor

For the Dad with a sophisticated taste for cigars, there’s the 400 Cigar Humidor by Schmecke.

This all-in-one humidifier, cooler, and humidor cigar box flavors up to 400 Cuban cigars or black and mild cigars while maintaining the perfect temperature and humidity settings.

The digital control panel is super easy to operate, too, so Dad can easily select the perfect conditions for increased flavor and longevity in his favorite cigars.

Wine Fridge

Give Dad the gift of not having to whittle down his wine collection with this 44-bottle Wine Refrigerator by Schmecke.

With a built-in fan and dual temperature zones, this large-capacity wine cooler maintains the perfect, consistent temperature for dad’s favorite reds and whites.

The dual pane smoked glass door blocks out UV light and moisture, while the unique compressor technology ensures temperature is not affected by outside heat sources for the perfect sip, every time.

Electric Wine Opener

Perhaps Dad’s taste in wine is a little less robust. You can’t go wrong with this 7-Piece Wine Gift Set by Ivation.

Featuring an electric corkscrew, preserver, aerator, two bottle stoppers, and more, this electric wine opener set helps Dad savor every last sip.

The compact corkscrew uncorks up to 30 bottles on one charge, so Dad can enjoy perfectly preserved wine anywhere he goes.

Portable Projector

Is your dad a bit of a movie buff? He’ll love this Portable HD Smart Projector by Kodak.

The Kodak Luma 400 can play files from USB or HDMI® connection ports and supports streaming over Android applications while being super easy to navigate, even for the most technologically challenged dads.

The best Father’s Day gift for the dad who’s always watching a movie or begging you to go to the theater with him, this powerful, compact device has everything he needs to start enjoying cinema-level entertainment in no time.

Electric Guitar

Dad a bit of a rockstar? Go for this 39” Telecaster-inspired guitar by LyxPro.

This complete electric guitar set has everything Dad needs to start rocking out in no time. Whether he’s a beginner or a pro, he’ll love the versatile tones and easy playability of this Paulownia wood guitar.

Plus, it comes with a built-in 3.5mm aux port, so Dad can connect to an amp and play his music loud or plug in headphones when it’s time to keep the volume down.  

Puzzle Board

For the dads with a passion for puzzling, consider the 1500 Piece Puzzle Board by Jumbl.

This hardwood puzzle board features 6 built-in drawers, a nonslip cover for keeping your puzzle in place, and a foldable design that easily stows away in between puzzling sessions.

Dad will love the convenient, compact design that lets him sort, store, and assemble puzzles with ease.

Weather Station

The weather is more than just a dull conversation topic. As your dad might tell you, anticipating, observing, and tracking the weather can actually be a really exciting and useful hobby.

This 7-in-1 Wireless Weather Station by Logia features an outdoor sensor and console, so Dad can quickly and easily measure local weather conditions on the 8” LCD console.

It also connects to the internet so he can track and share his data via Weather Underground and other services while monitoring the weather up to 10 days in advance.

Camping Stove

If the dad you’re shopping for loves to camp, hunt, or just relax in the great outdoors, this 2-in-1 Camping Oven and Stove by Hike Crew will make the perfect gift.

Featuring a powerful ceramic portable oven, up to 10,000 BTU of cooking power, a built-in thermometer safety shutoff, and a hose regulator, this portable oven and stove is the total package.

All Dad has to do is connect a propane tank, turn the dial, and press the button and he’s ready to enjoy pancakes, paninis, burgers, and beyond in no time.

Pizza Oven

For the pizza-loving, chef-extraordinaire dad in your life, consider this 12” Outdoor Propane Pizza Oven by Hike Crew.

This state-of-the-art portable pizza oven lets him cook up piping hot pies in minutes. The freestanding, simple design makes setup and operation a breeze, while the easy ignition fires up to a sizzling 925 °F in just 15-20 minutes.

With a pizza peel, pizza stone, pizza cutter, gas regulator, hose, and built-in thermometer, this complete set will have Dad playing pizza chef in no time.

Final Thoughts

This Father’s Day, choose a gift that reflects the love and gratitude you have for the man who shaped your life.

Whether it’s indulging in his passion for cigars, satisfying his beer cravings, or helping him discover a new hobby, SkyMall offers a wide range of thoughtful Father’s Day gifts that speak to every aspect of his personality.

Happy Father’s Day, and happy shopping!

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