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Cooking in the great outdoors

Whether you’re fishing, hiking, backpacking or prepping your home in case of emergency, the Portable Cooktop from Hike Crew makes mealtime a breeze.

Our compact, lightweight system replaces your clunky camping stove, providing you with two convenient ways to cook: boil food in the 0.8-literpot, or place your own compatible cookware atop the burner. Easy to carry, simple to clean and effortless to operate, it’s also exceedingly safe and energy-efficient—an ideal companion for eco-conscious explorers.

The kit arrives with a cool neoprene pot sleeve, airtight lid, mesh carrying bag, and other extras sure to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Just bring the fuel, turn the ignition, and prepare all your favorite dishes faster than ever before.


Perfect for the outdoors – An ideal cooking system for camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor events

Eco-friendly – A cooktop that is safe and energy-efficient

High-quality design – Made from stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and silicone

Convenient and reliable – the cooktop is very easy to use and simple to clean

Easy to transport - The compact, lightweight structure makes it easy to carry and move around