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5 Affordable Gift Ideas for Teachers

5 Affordable Gift Ideas for Teachers

Your child’s teacher makes a big impact on their development, so it’s only natural that you will find yourself wanting to demonstrate your appreciation throughout the school year. However, trying to pick out a thoughtful gift can be a challenging task. Fortunately, you’re not the first person to look for a meaningful gift idea. Check out these 5 affordable options that will show your child’s teacher how much you care about them.

Gift Cards

Giving a teacher a gift card can sometimes be seen as a last-minute or careless choice, but teachers really do appreciate receiving gift cards. Teachers can spend the money on the gift card however they would like, whether it’s treating themselves to a fancy cup of coffee or buying new decor without having to reach for their wallet. Another perk of buying gift cards is that you can easily choose how much you can afford to spend. To add a special touch, have your child make a small folder or envelope out of construction paper and write a short note.

Personalized Pencils

Pencils often disappear from classrooms, especially during busy days. When the teacher’s pencils are personalized, however, students are less likely to accidentally walk away with them. There are several ways to personalize pencils that fit every budget. Decorative paper with the teacher’s name can be taped around the pencil, fun craft supplies can brighten up the look, or you can have them made professionally through an online service. Your child’s teacher will appreciate not having to hunt down a pencil the next time they need to mark a paper.


Teachers are busy people. Most of them don’t have any real break time during the day, so the food they eat needs to have plenty of calories and sugar to help them finish their responsibilities. It’s a good idea to check and make sure your child’s teacher is not allergic to anything before you buy something exotic, but if the teacher can’t eat it, they will still appreciate the gesture and be happy to re-gift the candy to a colleague.

Handwritten Cards

If you’re looking for something that is budget-friendly but still meaningful, have your child write their teacher a card. Cards written by hand are exceptionally thoughtful. They show that your student truly cares for their teacher. Make the cards in whatever way works best for you and your child; a kindergartener’s scribbles on construction paper are just as special as a small, detailed card with a heartfelt message.

A Personalized Bag

Between papers to grade and forms to fill out, a teacher’s bag is usually very full and very heavy. Gifting a brand new tote bag - especially one that has been personalized - is a fantastic way to show a teacher that you care about them. There’s no need for the bag to be expensive or fancy; a simple tote bag with a decal ironed on will do the job. Whatever kind of bag you choose, though, make sure it is sturdy enough to hold plenty of papers, binders, and pens.

Teachers go to work every day because they want to do their best to teach and mentor children. They do not expect to get prizes for what they do or gifts of thanks from parents and students. That’s what makes gifts - even small ones - so much more meaningful. When it comes to giving gifts to teachers, the price tag doesn’t matter: it’s the thought that counts.
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